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tv   Action News  ABC  July 3, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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>> wamonday bhorngt dy of 8-ar-old regina brer holmes
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wsound in et . airy home. vrally eve mont sie ten phadelpa poce have betrying to trk down her klr. tnig, they may moving cor. it thursday night anthe big so on "actn news" tonight i a poible brk in th phidelphia muer myery. lwn sathey have fod the vcms' laptop couter. "con news" rerter sharee wlams is li at pice hauarters, sharee what are theetails here. >> porter: ji it day four i is instigation and dttis arhot onhe tra wtthis on notnly dithey rever he son laop built rit now as we spk wee beintold here a adquarters the people are bi qutioned. > it ann investigationn w' sti coinuing to work i ry ve hard > phadphia lice a psng hard tfind ouwho kld 85-yr-old regina pruer hoes. "con news" learned thr peoe are beg qutioned by te hocide unit. hols was fod monday insi
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esmt. airy ho beaten, staed d with her that sli ple believe robbery wathe mte. phidelphia police coissioner caes ramseya the ivtigations mong strongly i the rit direion. >> hocide is making prress. adopully wel be able to bri it to a colusion by fnng the peon or rsons rsnsible for such a rrific ci. > d toy, new delopments. ivtigators executed arch warnts atwo cations. o e 66 blk of north bvr police enrerd a me andources te "action news" dttives reieved a ptop tat longs tohe 8 a-ar-old muer viim. ple also srched this noh pidelphia home onhe 31 0 0 bo of stlman the sa block tey fod holm' stolen car aaoned. ple sayh are closer a wn let up > weave leads and t hmide vestigators haveeen
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wrng this around the clock. > rert: soo charges fid yt. bthe wo around the cck it connues tonight anathis pi againe want to let you knodetectives arat this poi questioning threpeople rg here at hdquarters ase se. iao spoke wi the ctain of hmide and as far as today's dvopments he called em "iificant progss. lvat hequarters sharee wlams, "chael 6 action nw" jm > ank you sharee a n was kild tonight when hlt cnol of his car d crashed ito a ee inortheast pidelphia. coer6hd flew over the scen rovelt ulevard near coell aee laes than toship hours gi thman was alone inhe vehle at the time of the ca. >> refighters rain othe se of t alm blazes in flovt deware county an fas bre out insi an idtrial building th hoe as beauty suly office and pr fnisng. prof the roof collapsed d te s concern about poibly
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hzdous marials insi. frnately nody h been hrt. we' waiting to findut what spaed the ble. >> we toy was weand goy and thlong hoday wend kicks off tomoow with abght sta. teuestion is will it la? mteologist cecily tynan joins u the bibod with the aceather forest cely. > jiit won't la. yueen fortunately the ole wend wi not be dry ani'm taing shers on surday. btt ll be warmer than td. tod's hi in phadelphia a meay 77egre th's 9 deges bew noal and er teast ve years this is only te h day inuly when tmratures have not climbed outf the 70s. so th was unually co and o e da si. stlite 6 anaction radar song had thclouds an 1: yosee hey rain across te jeey and deware she. par of ca may coty inch ad half ofain caused locized flding and go news yu c see how thatow preures plingway from
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u. clos baing up. te prlem, though, is th tiboundary coinues to just sa to the uth. aoer wave will be developing adoving in on sarday. btnt thenigh presre wll nudgdown from the noh. thawill brg us rern of snine and wi that torrow temratus will reond acdingly. w' get out of the 70 8 grees webg in pidelphia. so fair ni day with more snine to the noh. ad mo cloud cover soh. so nking thr days th weend i'm gog with a tie bten torrow and suay. sny wl waer. tmrow a prty nice da the prlem day wi be t fuh on sarday wi clouds ad owers. i rely don think its a wsut. ilta about timing analso havthe shore and poconos in theull acweather focast jm > thk you, ceci. > a iladelphia poce officer acced of saulting his grriend haturned hielf i. mcel alice has en chard wth sile assau fae
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ipsonment and coempt. ai's girlfriend sa the two hd a fit may 24nd turned pycal. ai iswelve ye veran of teepartment and was dus se susnded for 3days with itt to diiss. >> thphiladelphia police dptmt will anunce offers volved in shtings. i verses a cision of dptmental pocy. ut now the department refud t relee the mes offficers ivved in ootings. citg saty coerns. ud the new poll siofficer's nme wi be reased in 72 hou unless there's a that agast officer oramily mmrs. > a volueer firefighrs from srford, new jers isehind brtonigh plicsay 39-yeaold exess jry kala arranged to he sex wth ueage gi he met on lnander moth. wen kala showed up tuday, he s arreed. h had in fa, been cmmucating with an unrcover
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oe kpa is held at buington cuy jailnd sba set at $500. >> 91ear-old noh pidelphia woman h f o lon be afraid ofhe home nexto rs. i's collsing. andhe's afraid that she is at grod zero. "conews" tried to help and it oks like the ci is seing up. "con news" reporter annie mcmick has the story. > rerter: this home 2400 bo noh 18 stet more than ae sore pontially dangerous sttion waiting to ppen. > wead police out he pe l& i, a they ha not be bc >> at was 91ear-old nnie mns retion seral days ago wen shcalled "action news." seives xtoor at aaoned home onerge of clpse. >> m 91 years old and easyo gt ups and ght now i us. > e should be mo raised ciren d granhildren in theome she ke impeccae for
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dces d thhomeowner of aaoned prerty died 19 and buildg started to fa apart o moing's me. rw yodents and raoo med nmk began calling the cit lsjuly they posted noce stang repairs we needed and l& returned over a nth ago adtated this sayg thhome wou beorn down > e was co and hang coes shcannot shs afid. se shld not have tlive like ti >> mo's daughter kathine ge says recent storms and riall post neconcn sh fad coapse was imnent and cty wanot going to foow up. td l & i sptors did at "aion news" lled and a spector tookictures and asur hedemlation u sa as soon asonday when ask about the delay the & i cmssioner stat there are 30roperties ong the sitd tiy at need be deol ik tomrow, contractors will b ot re to begithe bidding
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poss to dede whwill te down theye so. oce th bid is awded to a cnactor th th house wi be rn wn. nr phadelphia, annie mcmick "cnnel 6 action nw" > death vestigion is undway in muica toship nw jeey, police are this hmin the 00 block of waymh rareading avue. tewere caed there la this atnoon. procutor's office is not rlsing more details this tm we' waiting to find out if chaes wi be filed in a day cks county ash. ple say e driver of a smwas attempting to make utn but hit a milford township. the person on the bike was killed. the crash happened at 5:00 alg ru 66at the quertown itchange noheast etsion of e pesylvania trike. he owr of a pular w jry, js shore pia cain has adtted to xi
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vcion. hn & mancowner pled guilty t he vaing tas. hisife eld gey to lyi to itnal venue seice. the's one inummers pot and totlantic city ardwalk. >> e reblican plan toroyvt szstate controlled liquor sos, ste stores. wlsays selling liquor syem is a babusiness desion that wu lead to gher prices. te move cos twdays ter tevetoed the enre rplican buet bi. > polar vation web site air b& sb now lel in phidelphia antaxable li a ht. ar bnallows torent o room inhe home to t entire hm a loof pele already listed te ples for e po's vis in seember. drers o trel over bies between phadelphia and
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nwersey could soon gea be otls. dlare river port thority rcmended cred fofreque ue. hers how it would work. drirs that e e-ass would gt $18 crit afr they croed brge 18 or moreimes durg a sing month an apes tohose who use the wlwhitman anben franklin tk goes tohe commissioners fr vo. hiladelphians can fi conned whlchairs will have tx designed r them. prng ahity today rolled off fit of 61axis that will be eelchair acssible. ativts crk has en fging for accessible cabs for ya and he had hor of afing e fit medallion tnht. tnbrks checked out thtaxi and weanted to kn s raion. >> feels like i'sittinin a chr in the vehie you. >> dot feel vulnable. > .
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> feel sa. > thnew tas cost $2000 ec adheye thugh crash ts before geing a approval frervice onhe streets of pidelphia. >> ill to come on "aion nw tonight a xic cld ford thsands o thr hm tonight a relt of tra crh. we' ha the latest siation i teessee. anplus a locawoman hping fabook c helper ta do r bih mother. seants to find e woman that abaoned her ouide a spal 8yrs ag ccy. >> ies are clring out tnht. imracking return of clouds adhowers fopart of your hlay weend. i'll ve details inuding so anpoconoin the aceather foca. > d extrinning dra tnht at cizens bank pa. piies and brers. tho stories and more when "acon news" continues
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> mo than 50 people in mrville, tennessee are ouof hom tonight beuse a toxic co is horing above th twh the oud was released by a tin that heerailed an cut re la last nit. hazdous chemicals on brd tatra arused to ma plaics anhighly flmable adan cae headaches d rpideart be. i cod be two da before poe are given the l clear t ba to their hos. >> fo is relling morehan 00 vecles in t united sas cause of a soware gih. it uld cause e gine to ru een ifgnition isurned off kyemoved or enne stop butn is prsed. ford sa it does not kn of aynjured usedbly the drh. i fects 2015 fos, c x and ece vehicles. >> neobs rert is out d so employers added 3,000 jbs to t economy last mont thenemployment rate fe from 51 to 3%nd banews is
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thawages did nobudge at al forr viinia setor jim web i nning fopresident and he joi a fie of docrats caenging hilly rodham cion in a ssage poed to hseb site toy, web sa. te tion eeds a fre apach to soing the prlem taconfront us and weis a vinam veten and frr navyecretary under pedent rean and s elected t sete in 200 a rved one tr o "hlthcheck" tonight asles bi blamed for a washgton sta woman's deat shes fit pers in 12 yes t e from th sease inhe unid stes. teoman was st likely exped to meles at a dical fcityung th recent oteak. she haseveral othehealth contions an suppressed imme systemch the woman di not have a rash whh, of cue, isne of the measles mscommon symptoms. a crd gaered in atlantic
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cittonight for thsecond anl "me the st of it bs make e bt of . to were eltric amler's fvfavorite wos. sheost batoll menoma in 2015 anshe stted the tara mlr menoma fodationo ri mey for rearch. w' told tonight's evt rid lf a million dollars forhis cause. >> a crd gathered intlantic ctno sorry les go on to tis sty. alal won abdoned byer biogical moer 8 years ago usi soal media inopes of traing her do. haer kahne posted this pcre on the 6a ne fcook page. i 19 thstaff at grd view hostal in seersville rcved an anymous calln 18that a ba waoutse waed in r swtshirt. nwrn was hypoermic an qily nursed ba to he. kh is emionally y and wan to me the
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man who ve her up. > don't he ilwillowards thipeon asll. nby knows her circumstance is subances. i s nolike shleft me te hoping sobody wod fi me she ma sure meone fod m think th's esome. >> onwoman already reached out t ather aiming to her br mother. w' keep youpdated on this so. >>et's go cecily tynan and te hoday weekend focast from cuweather. >> l in all the hoday weke isooking ni. to t of tedays should be sectul. > satuay, clou and shows. stday is not the nist of tr da. bt stmtracker 6 live db sashowing the go ne is sors we haearlier toda fom hea ra alg the cot mv ou so 's a grt nit to ride rd. se pier atlantic city is litp tonight and itefinitely i onhe cool side and ateast i's drat t jeey she.
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temratus sh alg the sor want a swtshirt. 6 ca ma avan, oce ci, margate and srech ci all 68egrees and ild temrares not waer. mlille tuly a lile cor. 6. treon 67 pidelphia is hiest numb a is point 72 drees. rang and wiington currently 6. stlite 6 and tion radar shong at low presse at broht us clouds anshowers is mvg on out. yuanee howlouds are ceing out cely. te prlem though is th the bouary a alled frt th ray help track this low peure not gog anywhere adnother wave of low essure dvoped alg thatn stday. bt torrow hi pressuris winng ou buiing down from the grt lk anthat means a suhine is ba anmixture ofun and clos and me sunsne tohe nor anmore clouds south and tmratures back to 80 8 deees. lw hudity. i wi feel comftable tmrow. o turday th hh pressure
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mv away from usnd this lo peure trks south anibt atwith a ttle ece of up level engy. i brgs uslouds d saered showers espeally fr half ofhe y. temratures drp a little wh hgh 8. gonews for reworks ishat i oks li we wi be drying otn sarday nit. so ifou head do the rkway ilsee you therthe fiworks frast, lots of clos, butt sod be dry byhe 7:0 77 11: 72 al iall a prty mi night. ad ifou he to the poconos tmrow the suhine is ck. msy nny, 7. fr t fotht clouds upith sors. 7. ad suay thnicest day of mouains sun anclouds hi of 78. i aded to the shore i want t pot out th againhere's a modete ri of of ri crnt yowant toisten to the ligua. dn go swimming when lfuas arnot on duty and ptn sureen. srise and clou 75.
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nce day torrow. frhe forge u may want g shoing doomething otr tahappening on t beach wi clos a shows. 7. btunday the sunshine is ba ade warmp to 78. te exusive acweather 7-day frast comfortable torrow sn and cld 83. stday we cloud up wi shors espeally first half of teay. ad 8degrees and suay pt sn and temperatures up to 86. w rm up ttle more moay. 8 deees. o tuday, the hi sitly more hud and wdsday and thsday is when w t th oppressive hudity adith that a poibility of late dashowers an tuerstorms. ad 87n wednesday and thsday 8 deees. cerinly noa peect ekd. butti not be washout and aa at th point los li showe on satuay will be the fr half of the da >> l right. ccy. rairops didn't keep pele away fr penns laing toght tnht ♪ vitors we trted
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t a coerby the phadelphia ocstra. tey peormed onhe rir sa. aswing of the sih see waed upt rittenhouse sue. the moe, of cose by local drtor m. knht shalon part o e wawa lcome machine fsval. >> 6a is prd be a paner o thwawa weome erica clraon. 1 a. to noon wi the feom ceremony and rade. > jo us forhiladelphia 4th o ly jam on the parkwayhat ng. rcwilliams ancecily tynan hsa prram along wi karen rogs and ad joseph. te conct begins at foowed b e firerks dilay ov te phidelphiauum of ar >> habeen 16 yes sie uid statesell's soccer am
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broht ho the rld cup. btth year with talented dln nejerseyates the tam's leer anhing is psble. cr lloyd sced two als in the la o viories on th rato th suay's fil. "con news" sarah bloomist so wi lloyd bykype tod. fn rprise property here held drive hesuccess and sh sys e istaying fosed on whacould be a very tough mah aast jan thteam at beat tenited states in 20. > eat overall team but ti we ha so much momentum ade had th prior tcna game a think we're peing a e right moment ani feel cndent our team win tithing. >> u can watch the enti i
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we n't beeeing phlies for a il brers me against miaukee tlingt home mes. harg pled on because of foot inry. cad biingsly a shlder srn ke him t weeks. ru for m. fve inngs n ts seven ns sixarned anat onpoint fls trl and then score thr nrunz 7th inng d then pulng thphils win 1. twoatte ter a sile bis him in d great slidby bno avd the tag. gamtide at 7. lnwith 7 rb th series and piies 8-and sz alfour gam inhe series th'll nmr atnta torrow. >>iguel franco s en named ntnal league rookie of the mn. flliz thi baman batt
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32 in je 8 me runs and 24 rnbatted innd la phiy to n rookie of t mont hns ryan hord ten yes gi back in 20. > ltight siareas greed to cmex tradwith saamento tey menick stkix. h waeighth overall pick a yaago and a trades no ofial until next we and sixs brs not talking but son to bnew teammates awd teove. >> think wee tu around the ogization rit now. i thk wi tse nepicks we hveverybody cong togetr i ti we'lltart wiing, to >> is should help. jl okafor isearing up f smrlike whicbegins monday sn draft aid ek ago okor hseen at the te's prtice facity nearly everday. >> els good toe pa o aoer te. i lo being part of a te. ad i ve not played fi on fvsince natial chpionship
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gm felgood to do th here and hve temates. >> toome trle cwn wier hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. they have been so helpful and supportive during this time. maybe i should give them a call.
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nd. col she. mt point later inhe fr stow about ace own says afterrds "ihought wagoing t eak out a lile bi he does. h cabe fogiven forever ta thas spts. > dford township got a jump o 4tof july celebrations tnht. tiis dford's foth anal indendence day celebration and frorks dilay in freem pr befe the fireworks there wa pey to door the whole fmy including live muc and fnctivities forll the yusters. "iy kimmelive" ne on cael 6 folled by "itline". jm "aion news" continues at 43 nwfor the entire "aion nw team, i'm jim gardner go
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>> important message for women and men ages 50 to 85. please write down this toll-free number now. right now, in areas like yours, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you're on a fixed income or concerned about rising prices, learn about affordable whole life insurance with a lifetime rate lock that guarantees your rate can never increase for any reason. if you did not receive your information or if you misplaced it call this number now and we'll rush it to you. your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions.


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